Say goodbye to the stress of travel planning! Cumbaya leverages AI to create personalized itineraries that match your unique preferences, budget, and even feedback. No more sifting through endless travel options or wondering if you're missing out on something amazing. With Cumbaya, you can plan your dream trip with ease and confidence, knowing that you're getting the most out of your time and money.


Your travel itinerary in matter of seconds.


All travel information accessible in one app.


Your trip adapted to your specific needs.

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Cumbaya travel app is your companion to create and manage your personalized trip.

Instant Itinerary

Create your itinerary in matter of seconds with the help of our AI-model.

Personal Trip

Personalize your trip based on a few questions and your description.

Easy to modify

Adapt your trip via our intuitive chat companion.

Connected with travel sites

Access your favorite booking and navigating sites through Cumbaya.

Destination advisory

Read advisory from governments and communities about your destination.

Clear Overview

Get a quick and easy overview of your trip before and during your journey.

Our Team

Fueled by a shared dream to make travel accessible to everyone, our team is your passport to adventure.

Gill Gonnissen

The Visionary Commercial Lead
Gill has a proven track record of success in product management and entrepreneurship. Driven by a deep understanding of customer needs, Gill leverages his business and technical expertise to bring innovative products to market. Outside of work, Gill is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys exploring new culinary experiences.

Julie Hermans

The People-Centric Operational Lead
Julie is deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service. She has a knack for motivating and empowering team members to achieve their full potential. Julie's diverse background in IT project management and finance, coupled with her love for outdoor activities, makes her a well-rounded and dynamic team member.


The Innovative Technical lead
S. is a strategic data & analytics expert with a passion for innovation. His proven experience in growing business and his acknowledgement as a Google Cloud Partner All-star make him an invaluable asset to our team. When he's not immersed in the world of AI, he finds joy in the vibrant rhythms of life.


Empowering everyone to experience the world through accessible and meaningful travel experiences.

Cumbaya's purpose is to break down barriers to travel, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their background or financial means. It also highlights the positive social impact of travel, promoting understanding and inclusivity. Through its focus on accessible travel, Cumbaya wants to help reduce inequalities and promote inclusive social development.

This commitment extends beyond words, as Cumbaya proudly pledges 1% of its equity, time, and profit to advance its purpose.


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Leuven, Belgium

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